Rockerbob's Visit To Collings
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She almost plays a G chord. That's 2/3 of the way there in just a few minutes.
Brian demonstrates how the arch in the back is made. After the CNC machine roughs it out a person will finish and smooth it by hand at a sanding wheel.

Here we are in the the setup room. These guitars are almost ready. Strings and setup and pass by Steve McCreary for final check and pickguard. Wow! How about the Brazilian on this one.

Here is one of the more rare Collings Archtops. I have not played one of these but they sure are pretty.

I got to sit and play a few guitars before we left. I have to say it was a totally enjoyable afternoon. My two business associates, neither of which play any instruments, both enjoyed the tour. As I said, Carole really wants to buy that quilted mando. We all loved getting to see the process and meet the people.

A big thanks to the Collings team!

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Rockerbob's Visit To Collings
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