Rockerbob's Visit To Collings
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Here's a few bodies at various stages of finishing. The package in my had is my souvenir. Some sound holes. I don't know what I will do with them, but it is cool having the sound hole from a dozen really nice guitars. Some sitka, some adirondack.
Carole picks up her first guitar. But she has girl type fingernails and can't really get her fingertips close to the strings.

So Carole want the beautiful quilted mando, and she knows how much it costs. She still wants it, but does not know what a mandolin is or what they sound like. One of the guys stops working for a second, picks up a mando and plays a bit for her. These guys really like what they do for a living.

This older Collings belongs to a well known performer. It still sounds and plays great. I guess it's hanging around the shop until he wants it back for something. I guess he has a newer one. Brian showed us a fingerboard inlaid with the artist's name, but I guess he thought it was too much, so his new guitar has a regular fingerboard on it.
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Rockerbob's Visit To Collings
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