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OK, here's my proof. I was there. This is me standing in the open door of the kiln upstairs. Wow! The fabulous smell of wood is really strong when you open this door




Here is where they work on Mandolins. Here is something interesting. Notice the mandos in the back don't have F-holes yet. They build the mandos without the holes and then cut them with a laser after the instrument is fully assembled. They have foil on the inside of the back to stop the laser, which is remove via the F-holes after they are cut.

Absolutely fabulous quilted and birdseye maple on these mando backs. Carole, who doesn't not play any instrument, was ready to write a check for the quilted mando. Brian was really a great guy and a good sport to let us take these pictures.



This wall stood out. The Dubya tribute wall. All clippings posted here are or are about George Dubya. I particularly like the one with the Moe haircut. You can hardly tell him from the real Moe Howard. In front if the wall is another in-house built tool. This one cuts neck joints. You clamp the neck and body into place and just trace along the neck to cut to body. Or was it the other way around? A clever tool anyway.

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Rockerbob's visit to Collings
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