Collings Guitar Prefixes
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Acoustic Guitar
0 = based on Martin prewar 14 fret 0 body
OM = based on Martin prewar OM
D = based on Martin prewar Dreadnought
00 = based on Martin prewar 00 12fret slotted head
000 = based on Martin prewar 000 12fret slotted head
DS = based on Martin prewar Dreadnought 12fret slotted head
CW or Winfield = Collings Winfield
Clarence White = Clarence White Model (Discontinue)
C10 = based on prewar Gibson L-00
C100 (Discontinue) = size between C10 and CJ
CJ = Based on Gibson Advanced Jumbo
SJ = Based on Gibson J-185
Squat = (Discontinue model) 17 inch lower bout Jumbo
Baby = Parlour size 3/4 guitar
Cowboy = solid head C10 with cowboy picture stenciled on top (only 14 made)
Western = same as cowboy but without cowboy picture
Camper (Discontinue model) = C10 body with OM neck, 1 style appointment some with soundhole binding
Jumbo 12 strings (Discontinue model)

Electric Guitar
CL = Based on Gibson Les Paul
I-35 = Based on Gibson ES-335
290 = Based on late 50's single cut Les Paul special

Archtop Guitar
16" Archtop
17" Archtop
18" Archtop

MT-1 = this was the original satin finish A style, not many made, now is the MT)
MT = A style, satin finish
MF = F style, satin finish
MT-2 =A style, laquer finish
MF-5 =F style, laquer finish
MT-2V = A style, varnish finish
MF-5V =F style, varnish finish


The Collings Guitar Forum

1 = based on Martin style 18 appointment
2H = based on Martin style 28 appointment
3 = Fretboard and headstock binding, no herringbone, abalone rosette and multicolor back center stripe
41 = based on Martin style 41 appointment
42 = based on Martin style 42 appointment
45 = based on Martin style 45 appointment (the 10,000th and a few others)
Dlx = Deluxe options for Acoustic Guitar – C10, Electric Guitars - CL, I-35 and Mandolin - MF5V


Custom Options
The Collings Guitar Forum

B or Bra = Brazilian (Before they grade their Brazilian Rosewood)
Baaa = Triple A grade Brazilian
Baa = Double A grade Brazilian
Ba = A grade Brazilian
Bb = B grade Brazilian
A = Adirondack Spruce Top
E = Engelmann Top
G = German Top
Cedar = Cedar Top
Maple = Maple back and side
Koa = Koa back and side
Mh = Mahogany back and side on non 1 guitar
Hond or Honduran = Honduran back and side
V = Vintage neck profile with 2 3/8 string spacing at saddle and 1 ¾ nut width
V or Vn = Vintage now neck profile with 2 ¼ string spacing at saddle and 1 ¾ nut width
ss = short scale
C or cut= Cutaway
DB or Super = Deep body
L = Lefty
H = Herringbone
SB = Sunburst
FB = Full Sunburst
Shade = Shaded top
Varnish or VARN = Varnish finish
Red = Red finish
Black = Black finish


Other options without a specific prefix will sometime read "Custom" in the label
The Collings Guitar Forum

Sound hole binding
Vintage through saddle
Fingerboard binding
Headstock binding
Any custom inlay
Ebony peg head overlay
Brazilian Rosewood Bridge
Wood bindings
1 ¾ nut width
OM neck on C models
Rope purfings


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