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Discussion Topic is my i35 (in Collings Electric Guitars) by Andy1966
I've had it a few months now...I'm going to swap the Lollars for Bare Knuckle Blue note P90's....... > > Collings Forum > Collings Electric Guitars

Discussion Topic  80/20 strings on a Sitka/Rosewood Dread (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by ignatzmouse
I have four Collings (D2H, OM2G - no H, OM1-Huttlinger-Sitka, and a CJ35G), and I've settled on stri...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Feel that the D1A is quite the guitar (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by Kenny B.
I've been playing a stock D1A for the last two months and found that is one heck of a guitar. I've ...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  0003 Madagascar/German Top (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by MikeL
I am thinking of buying this guitar. > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  0001 for flatpicking and old-time rhythm (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by 14strings
Hi Anybody have any experience flat picking a 0001? How does it compare to an 01? Realizing an 01 i...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Best of the Aged/Cured/Cooked Guitars? (in Other Guitar Makers) by Gazza
What's the consensus on best of the aged/cured/cooked guitars? Does it really just come down to one'...... > > Collings Forum > Other Guitar Makers

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