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Discussion Topic  Some Love for The Baby Collings (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by mkatz
I don't post very often but I just spent an hour or so with a Baby 2H I purchased a little less than...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Would Like To Hear From 00 Owners (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by Showalter
I am considering a trade for a 2001 Collings 00-1A, Adi top and Hog back and sides. Would be most a...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Amps, anyone? (in Collings Electric Guitars) by sturob
Do we ever talk about the amps through which we play our beloved Collings electric guitars? I feel ...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Electric Guitars

Discussion Topic  John Greven Article On Acoustic Guitar Construction (in Technical and Repair Info.) by louisiana
Check out this informative article by luthier John Greven ... ...... > > Collings Forum > Technical and Repair Info.

Discussion Topic  What's with the Waterloo?! (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by 007
I saw the guitar made an appearance in the NAMM thread, but not accompanied by much info. Thought it...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Santa Cruz compared to Collings ?? (in Other Guitar Makers) by Silly Moustache
Hi, I recently got the Santa Cruz model that I've been seeking for many years. I'd be most intere...... > > Collings Forum > Other Guitar Makers

Discussion Topic  H&D 0 (in Other Guitar Makers) by Coco
Has anybody here ever played a Huss & Dalton 0 Model guitar? It's what they call their parlor. Jus...... > > Collings Forum > Other Guitar Makers

Discussion Topic  Best Collings OM pickup? (in Sound and Recording) by michaelmke
Hey everyone, I new to the forum here, just ordered a Collings OM3 Sitka/Indian Rosewood. I was cur...... > > Collings Forum > Sound and Recording

Poll  Favorite Collings guitar? (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by slopeguy
What is your favorite Collings?... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

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