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Discussion Topic  NGD: D1AVN (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by Gazza
After being 99.9% convinced that I was going to buy a small body Collings, I came to my senses and o...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Will get my Waterloo on 12/22. (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by bayoubengal1954
I just heard from Dwain at Hill Country Guitars in Austin that my Waterloo ladder braced with truss ...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Collings 0 with Baby Collings neck???? (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by MarcusR
Hello All, I'm a big fan of small bodied guitars and especially like a short scale... and barring a...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Plugged in sound on large PA (in Sound and Recording) by markwillplay
Here are a couple of songs from a gig last night on a large full PA. Taken with my zoom from a dist...... > > Collings Forum > Sound and Recording

Discussion Topic  A little noodling on my Kopp K-35 (in Other Guitar Makers) by fasthand
...... > > Collings Forum > Other Guitar Makers

Discussion Topic  Richard Hoover of Santa Cruz Guitars Speaks About Plek Machine (in Technical and Repair Info.) by louisiana
Interesting video explaining the technology behind the Plek machine ... ...... > > Collings Forum > Technical and Repair Info.

Discussion Topic  Waterloo ladder braced report (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by JHPSr
I bought the ladder braced model for backup rhythm playing in old time jams, aiming for the "chunky"...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Were you Electric before Collings was? (in Collings Electric Guitars) by Gazza
How many people here were not electric guitar players/owners before Collings produced electrics?... > > Collings Forum > Collings Electric Guitars

Discussion Topic  Bought my first Mando today and I'm impressed by it. (in Mandolins and Ukuleles) by Lambo
A Collings MT2. I'm not a mandolin player by any means but want to start learning and, of course, Co...... > > Collings Forum > Mandolins and Ukuleles

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