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Discussion Topic  C-10 vs HD Crossroads vs SC H (in Other Guitar Makers) by John Soper
Anybody have experience comparing/contrasting these guitars? I have an older Gibson L0 and am lookin...... > > Collings Forum > Other Guitar Makers

Discussion Topic  Spruce soco (in Collings Electric Guitars) by Soco
I am still digging my spruce soco, it is a very different beast than my regular soco deluxe. Very dy...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Electric Guitars

Discussion Topic  new 40th bday guitar (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by DanSpruceFir
Hey all, I just wanted to share my excitement! I have ordered a custom OM1A with adi braces, 1&3/4"...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Yet another question about tonewoods. (in Other Guitar Makers) by Silly Moustache
Hi, last week I was in dialogue with an am3erican dealer with regard to buying a Santa Cruz RS in si...... > > Collings Forum > Other Guitar Makers

Discussion Topic  Bourgeois Braz/Adi Dread? (in Other Guitar Makers) by KairosKraft
I'm considering a nice Bourgeois Braz/Adi dread. It sounds very nice, pretty wood, bling around the...... > > Collings Forum > Other Guitar Makers

Discussion Topic  Hill Country Guitars (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by sturob
Just popped over to Hill Country to have some minor things done and have a look at the new digs . . ...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

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