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Discussion Topic  NGD...( Well almost...) (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by elkabong
It's not quite here yet; but Matt @ Eddies Guitars posted this "teaser" yesterday on their YouTube s...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  If you are interested in a Collings classical guitar... (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by jaslu81
I had the opportunity to talk with Bill Collings today at the "DHR Music Experience" grand opening e...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Collings 290 - Barden Soapbars (in Collings Electric Guitars) by Jakester
Hi all, This is my first post here and I just received my first Collings, a new 290. I have been p...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Electric Guitars

Discussion Topic  What makes a good dealer? (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by sturob
Hey there, I have been thinking about guitar dealers in general lately. I was prompted to do so by...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Bought an old D-18 yesterday (in Other Guitar Makers) by Outatune
Hey everybody, I just found a 47 D-18 and didn't mean to buy it, but it has "the sound". Guitar is ...... > > Collings Forum > Other Guitar Makers

Discussion Topic  C10 with Mad Rose (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by lefty
Does any one here have a C10 with Mad Rose? I am considering having a Mad Rose - German C10 delux n...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Satin neck anyone? (in Collings Acoustic Guitars) by SkyHigh
Anyone heard of or played a Collings with a Satin neck? Am curious to if Collings ever made one with...... > > Collings Forum > Collings Acoustic Guitars

Discussion Topic  Who is making the best 30's Martin OM replicas? (in Other Guitar Makers) by BAR
I saw a similar post on UMGF and thought I'd ask the same question here. If this has been asked bef...... > > Collings Forum > Other Guitar Makers

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