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Include Info. & Pics of our 2003 Collings Guitar Forum Gathering

2004 Collings Forum Gathering - Organized By David Ely
10/01/04 - 10/03/04
The Collings Guitar Forum

Events and Activities

Day 1 Friday, Oct 01, 2004 Day 2 Saturday, Oct 02, 2004 

The Factory Tour
Group tour of the Collings guitar factory

Salt Lick BBQ
Lunch at Salt Lick BBQ with Bill Collings and the Crews

Steve James Clinic
Clinic with Collings Acoustic Slide guitarist Steve James at the Factory

Hill Country Guitars
A visit to Hill Country Guitars

Kinscherff Guitar
Tour of Jamie Kinscherff Guitar

Day 3 Sunday, Oct 03, 2004
Casual Jamming Sessions &
Tommy Emmanual Concert at the Texas Union Cactus Cafe

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2004 Collings Forum Gathering