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2003 Collings Forum Gathering
03/14/03 - 01/15/03
The Collings Guitar Forum

Precision Pearl Inlay Shop Tour, Austin, TX

The entrance to Precision Pearl Inlay.

Some 40 years old abalone shells.

Some examples of PPI's work.


Cutting abalone for Taylor.

Cutter control center.

More cutting.

CNC machine for doing all kinds of wood cutting.

Collings headstock overlays prepared for logo cutting.

Headstock overlays with Collings logo cutout.

Some decorations in the shop.

Tom Ellis leads the group tour.

George Teague inspects Tom's first and only guitar he built about 20 years ago when Bill Collings was sharing shop space with Tom. Nice sounding box!

Some examples of work PPI has done for Collings.

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2003 Collings Forum Gathering
Precision Pearl Inlay Shop Tour