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2003 Collings Forum Gathering
03/14/03 - 01/15/03
The Collings Guitar Forum
Group tour of the Collings guitar factory

In front of the factory.

The gang's all here.

Will Daugherty and Keith Lewis check out BC's Porsche.

John Schwenneker checks out Bryan Kimsey's CW.

Bryan Kimsey's CW.

Keith Lewis trying out David Ely's DS2H.

George Davies chatting with Brian of Collings.

George Davies, Brian, Tim Nelson, Alex listening to RockerBob on the 12 fret dreadnought.

David Ely with his DS2H.

Bill Collings checking out Bill Irwin's homemade mandolin.

Bill Irwin with his killer burst D2H. That guitar knows it's been played when Bill gets done with it.

Bill Collings showing everyone how to break a string on one of his guitars.

The factory dust collection system. The start of the tour.

Heading into the shop for the tour.

Mandolin related paraphanelia.

Mmmm...guitar wood. That's Bruce in the background. He's Bill's wood guy and top voicing guy. He knows his stuff!

Wood in the kiln.

Bill Collings and Bruce explaining wood selection. Bruce is sorting out a shipment of spruce and mahogany. Pretty stuff.

Bill Collings answering one of the many questions from the tour group.

The group listening to Bill and Bruce talk about selecting and seasoning woods for guitar building.

The new Collings nylon string prototype. We need to keep this one quiet for now...

Mandolin necks.

Bill Collings talking about back woods and how the tops and backs are put together.

Gluing up mandolin backs.

Beautiful Braz back for an SJ.

George Teague shows off a Collings top with roughed out bracing.

Bending rosewood sides.

Gluing up mahogany rims.

CNC machine shaping necks.


CNC shaping mandolin back.

Installing binding.

Final shaping of top braces.

The Gibson girls ain't got nothing on the Collings girl!

Installing binding.

A glue glob.

Getting ready to fret the neck.

About to join the neck to the body.

The tour group getting the details from Bill Collings and crew.

Front office wall of fame.

Mandolins ready for sanding and buffing.

Bill in the guitar spray booth.

The guitar spray booth.

Guitars in the spray booth.

Setup guy Jay doing it like only Collings can.

Guitars in the final setup area waiting. Some are repairs for customers.

New guitars in the final setup area.

Check out the koa 000!

Bryan Kimsey checking out a new Collings Winfield 18.

Egads! Is he tap tuning a top??




In the mandolin room.

Bill Collings showing off a F type mock up.

Mandolin sides being glued to the top.

Assorted mandolin related items.

Bill Collings demonstrating his CNC CAD/CAM front end.

The mandolin finishing room.

A couple mandolins almost ready to go.

Bill Collings demonstrating some licks on the mandolin.

Bryan Kimsey in an impromptu mandolin jam with Collings employee Alex (out of the picture).

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2003 Collings Forum Gathering