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2003 Collings Forum Gathering
03/14/03 - 01/15/03
The Collings Guitar Forum

2003 Collings Forum Gathering Attendees List

Name Screen Name City Guitars
Campise, Mark MarkCampise Houston, TX  
Davies, George Papple Brookfield, WI D2HA
Dougherty, William TenThumbs Houston, TX  
Ely, David David Ely San Antonio, TX Collings DS2H
Gentry, Chet   Austin, TX Collings SJ, D1A, D2HBaaA
Irwin, Bill   Katy, TX Collings D2H sunburst
Kimsey, Bryan CW646b New Mexico 1992  Collings CW, Proulx OM/D
Lewis, Keith Rockerbob CO Collings OM3C, Baby Taylor
Mortensen, Gary   College Station, TX Dobro, Martin D-18GE
Schwenneker, Jon schwenman Houston, TX Takamine LTD 98
Teague, George Toothpick Austin, TX Martin D28 kit
White, Allen Allen White Austin, TX Collings D2HA, Martin OM-18V
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2003 Collings Forum Gathering