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Collings Guitar Forum
A meeting place for Collings Guitars Enthusiasts! Owners of all brands are also welcome!

The Interviews
Texas Special: Pat Skrovan & Kevin Drew Davis! New!
Fingerstyle Guitarist
Laurence Juber !
Travis picking KING Michael O'Dorn!
Gear Editor / Fingerslyle Player Teja Gerken!
The Master: Bill Collings!
The Capital of C10, Kim Sherman!
Clinic and Coverage of Slide Guitarist Steve James!
Fingerstyle Guitarist Pete Huttlinger!
About the Interviewer: Ace Batacan - Avaliable now! Check out Ace's debut CD Coastin'!

The Collings CD
Songs for Sophie: A Collings Collective - A wonderful collection by 17 Collings Artist recorded exclusively in Sophie's honour

Collings Forum Gatherings
Factory Tour, fingerstyle clinic, song writing clinic, flatpicking clinic, open mikes, acoustic jam, Collings Inventory showcase etc.

The 2007 Collings Forum Gathering - 10 Nov to 12 Nov
The 2006 Collings Forum Gathering - 10 Nov to 12 Nov
The 2005 Collings Forum Gathering - 29 Sep to 02 Oct
The 2004 Collings Forum Gathering
- 01 Oct to 03 Oct
The 2003 Collings Forum Gathering
- 14 Mar to 15 Mar

Collings Factory Virtual Tour
Factory Tour of the New Collings Factory - by David Ely - 8 May 2006
Factory Tour and Article of the old Collings Factory - by Rockerbob - 22 May 2002

The Making of Collings Guitar
The making of Collings Guitar II - Baby-2H Bra/Adir from 22 Sep 05 to 12 Dec 06
The making of Collings Guitar I - OM-2HAV from 4 Jun 04 to 28 Sep 04

Collings Prefixes
To know exactly what a Collings model stands for? Click to see the only Collings prefix directory.

Collings Catolog
Thinking of ordering a new Collings? heres a reference guide for most Custom Options available from Collings Guitars
How to Pack your Guitars
Due to my location and frequent GAS attack, I ship lots of guitars globally. Heres a few tips on how to pack and ship your beloved guitars safely

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